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Companies want to influence the attitudes and the actions of their employees with corporate training videos productions and workshops.

Smart corporations are using multimedia productions to approach issues such as ethics training programs. A filmmaker will direct the videos, using actors often filmed in a series of short films. The films might touch on dating in the workplace (a boss and an underling), people who claim expertise in areas they don’t have, costs being passed off as company expenses and more.

Filming a corporate event can help a business achieve many objectives. Whether a firm is looking to build more cohesive, stronger partnerships, improve group efforts, help employees become better decision makers, upgrade customer service techniques, address conflict resolution or ready employees for corporate changes, a corporate training video can help translate these goals that are remembered.

corporate training videos

Corporate Training Videos

We could film corporate training videos based upon the above topics in a serious tone, making those viewing it aware of the trouble spots that corporate teams can become involved with. People will recall such productions and the lessons learned more. It all depends upon the company and employees and what type of video would work best. But a video would make more of an impact than a binder full of a written code of ethics. That can be handed out as a back-up to the training video.

A corporate training video can also be an online training tool. The videos used for training do not have to be shown in the office, where employees are gathered together in a room for an hour to watch a film. Employees can view these videos at their own computer monitors in their home office. LS3 Studios can help you produce/direct your training videos. We are just a phone call away!

The Classroom Training Today

The learning environment in the classroom today is no longer a matter of just reading textbooks and listening to a teacher’s lectures, but it is a varied use of teaching methods, including instructional video.

With the use of an educational video production, teachers can engage and interest students that might not otherwise have paid much attention to a certain subject.

Educational Multimedia Production

We can incorporate any element of a school curriculum into an educational multimedia production without making the topic seem dry or dull. In fact, the opposite is true! Students often view educational videos (that are produced by the LS3 Studios) to be exciting, satisfying, intelligent, and on their level of understanding the subject at hand.

As a result, we can leverage on the power of video and enhance the learning experience. Interactive training can either be fun, serious, entertaining or straightforward in what it is trying to convey. It all depends upon how the video is written (our storytelling techniques are unique) and for which audience or age group we gear it towards.

We combine graphics, animated video, music, voiceover, and narration, to deliver a new form of storytelling. An educational video production can be quite stimulating and a great learning tool to use in the classroom. We can also place theses multimedia educational videos on a website for students to view at their leisure. With the use of an online video production, we will highlight the most important elements of the lesson. Viewers can take notes or replay sections to review. We can design an online video production to one’s specifications just as an in-class video can be; only the viewing atmosphere will be different.

Educational video is not limited to teachers or school systems. Corporations often require videos to be produced for employee training and business seminars. We often use multimedia videos for training courses, trade shows, sales presentations, product training and training employees. We often use videos that instruct. Take, for example, an exercise instruction video.

When investigating instructional video production companies, look for a company that can offer a pre-production package to research the project, come up with creative input and story development including a storyboard, have a location for your video and cast the video. You will also want an in-house studio, professional lighting, interactive video, professional sound, and editing. For multimedia videos, LS3 Studios can provide you with high resolution video and quality audio.

You will have an educational quality video that is made to your specifications. It may be web-streaming on Vimeo or YouTube and a hosting service to put your digital video online. The principal purpose of this video is to educate your audience, whether they are nine or ninety years old. If your educational video production is stimulating, compelling in its story, and gets your message across, they have done the job.

You need help to reach with your training process to reach your target audience, call us.