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Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint from Leonard Smith III on Vimeo.

Testimonies from attendees that participated in my Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop.

Leonard Smith‘s Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop at the New Orleans Public Library was such a huge success. Attendees enjoyed the workshop so much, that when it was over, people did not want to leave! The workshop was not only informative, but fun. Attendees stated that they would like the workshop to be an all-day affair next year. We look forward to inviting Leonard back for future programming.”~ LaToya, New Orleans Public Library

“I attended Leonard Smith’s Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop held at the Whitney Plantation on July 19. He helped me focus on my many years of family history research using the building blocks of documentary filmmaking, including how to take those all important first steps. His lively and engaging presentation was enhanced by useful snippets taken from documentaries that his company LS3 Studios produced covering diverse family stories. “ ~ Dolores, New York, NY

Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop“Leonard Smith’s presentations come to life in front of your eyes! His expertise and use of technology encompass all of the necessary tools to create a documentary that all can appreciate. He teaches his audience how to write the story of one’s ancestors and emphasizes the importance of writing that story. Anyone attending his seminar will definitely appreciate the knowledge on how to bring one’s family to life that will be preserved for future descendants.” ~Kathryn, New Orleans, LA

“I’ve had the pleasure of attending Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop and several genealogy sessions presented by Leonard Smith of LS3 Studios. They were phenomenal! The information presented was relevant and geared to a variety of audience members from the novice to the well-seasoned family genealogist. Leonard is always very helpful and open to questions. Once your research is complete he can teach you how to turn all that information into the keepsake of a lifetime! Your final research can be used as a teaching tool or show and tell as he demonstrates how it can be preserved and presented as a documentary! It was such a moving experience for me. We all have a story to tell; let Leonard guide you through what can be a lifelong journey through many hours of research! Well worth the time you’ll spend!” ~ Dianne, New Orleans, LA