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The Power of Legacy: Why Every Family Story Deserves to Be Told

In the tapestry of human existence, the power of legacy is reflected in family stories, which are the threads weaving our past, present, and future into a rich and intricate narrative. Every family has a unique story, a tale of triumphs, trials, love, and laughter. These stories are not just a collection of memories; they […]

The National Genealogical Society First Culture Conversation

The National Genealogical Society (NGS) is hosting its first Culture Conversation via Zoom on Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 8pm ET. The event will feature filmmaker Leonard Smith III discussing his documentary “A Place Called Desire,” which explores New Orleans in the 1960s and 1970s. Attendees are encouraged to watch the documentary online at […]

Iconic Filmmakers Who Started Late and Found Success

A Comprehensive Look at Film History If you’re contemplating making your feature film debut or are simply a cinephile interested in film history, this article is for you. We delve into the lives of iconic filmmakers who started late and found success, proving that age is just a number when creating your best work. From […]