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what's your story?
storytelling workshop

“Leonard Smith III’s talk named What’s Your Story?. And what a heartfelt presentation it was. He showed us how to take your family photos & after you have researched their lives tell the person’s story digitally while showing their photos. This was an amazing presentation and to really appreciate it you would have had to see it for yourself because my words cannot give it justice. I was in awe after seeing and hearing a story like this.” ~ Terrebonne Life Lines

“Smith’s skillful storytelling adds up to a compelling narrative that fills a significant void in New Orleans’ history; furthermore, he makes an important contribution to the humanities by helping viewers gain insights into people we have not met and places we have not experienced.” ~ Dr. Kennedy

“His sessions taught us to research the family past, become better storytellers, include photographs, and use multimedia to bring our individual stories back to life. I became a family historian and discovered amazing facts about my clan, dating all the way back to slavery. He was a hands-on teacher, sometimes finding historical nuggets about our ancestors while doing his own research, writing, and presentations. In a former life, I was a school principal for a more than two decades. I know a great teacher when I see one. Adult education is very effective in his informal but structured guidance instructional delivery.” ~ Dr. Smith

“Leonard Smith, III of LS3 Studios, a favorite speaker at seminars in the past, again brought his humorous and interesting knowledge of genealogy and technology to encourage everyone’s challenge of protecting their family’s history for future generations.” ~Lafourche Heritage Society

“Mr. Smith it was a pleasure to hear your presentation at the Le Comite conference . It made me think about what to do with all of my research paperwork.   Telling a story of my ancestors is much better to read for my relatives than looking at charts.  Thanks for a wonderful presentation for enhancing my genealogy.” ~ Sheila, Houston, TX

“For the past four years I attended Leonard Smith III informative and educational seminars. Each time,I attend I learn how to preserve my family history through storytelling and documentary. His blueprint help me to bring my family history to film. I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in learning the art of storytelling attend one of his seminars. Leonard professional skills and experience speak volumes.” ~ Antoinette, Kentwood, LA

Our family was fortunate enough to learn about some amazing stories thanks to Leonard’s research and it was exhilarating to receive the news! Working with Leonard was the first time I had ever hired a genealogist and it was a positive and enlightening experience.”
~ Stephanie, Seattle, WA

“It still amazes me how he was able to find so many of my relatives with limited information from me. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with someone with such great professionalism and expertise. I know it won’t be long before I will be able to pass along a detailed family tree to my daughter so she can understand how the strength of our ancestors is still alive today in her.”
~ Teresa, Ann Arbor, MI