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LS3 Studios is a film production studio in Louisiana

As award-winning specialists in video biographies, LS3 Studios excels in creating high-quality legacy documentaries that capture the unique essence, achievements, values, and personalities of individuals, organizations, and businesses. Our expertise spans family legacy documentaries, personal histories, audio biographies, professional photography, archival storytelling, and film editing. We are also skilled in website design and filmmaking, ensuring your story is told and showcased in the most captivating ways possible. Partner with LS3 Studios in Louisiana, and let us immortalize your legacy through the power of creative storytelling and innovative filmmaking.


LS3 Studios

We would be honored to tell YOUR Story!

As an independent studio, LS3 Studios has produced several award-winning documentaries. A Place Called Desire was a finalist for Best Documentary at the San Diego Black Film Festival. It won a prestigious Award of Recognition Impact DOCS Award, a Silver Telly Award, and a Gold Digital AVA Award. It was a semifinalist in the Rootstech 1st Film Fest and nominated for the 2020-2021 LEH Humanities Documentary Film of the Year. *A Place Called Desire* was also an official selection for the New Orleans Film Festival, winning Best Documentary and the Jury Audience Award at the Black Film Festival of New Orleans. It was an official selection for the San Francisco Black Film Festival and an Artie Nominee by Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., New Orleans.

Our acclaimed documentary *The Gulfside Assembly Story* has recently been honored with two Silver Telly Awards in the categories of Religion & Spirituality — Non-Broadcast and Documentary: Long Form (Above 40 Minutes) — Non-Broadcast. Additionally, it has received a Communicator Award, further recognizing the impact and excellence of our work.

Other notable works include *Life Stories of Raymond Andrew “Ray” Boseman*, winner of a Telly Award and Communicator Award; *From Shanghai to Harlem*, winner of the Gold AVA Award and Bronze Telly; *The 100th Anniversary of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church*, winner of two Bronze Telly Awards; and *A Legend in the Classroom-The Life Story of Ms. Yvonne Busch*, winner of the AVA Platinum Award, Hermes Gold Award, and Bronze Telly Award.

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The Clients We Have Served

LS3 Studios has a proven successful track record with storytelling. We have produced projects for: Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans Jazz Museum, Black and Indian Mission Office, Washington DC, Treme Charter School Association, W Investment Group, Dillard University, Communities First Inc. (Flint, MI), The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Blessed Sacrament-St. Joan of Arc Parish, Ohio State University, Tulane University, Friends of Joe W. Brown Memorial Park, The National Genealogical Society, Gulfside Assembly, Lafourche Heritage Society, Rich Girl Collective, Fannie C. Williams Charter School, Delgado Community College, WWL-TV New Orleans, Narrative Network, New Orleans Public Library, Ruby’s Restaurant Lafayette, Royal T Fitness, LLC., Blueprint Marketing & Public Relations, The Iberia African American Historical Society, WYES-PBS, Cozy Couture SPA Parties, Roots of Faith: Ancestry on Catholic Life Television, Robert R. Moton Charter School, O2 Face and Body, Dr. Danielle Dore, CEO InsideHer, Second Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Herlin Riley, The Josephites, Terrebonne Genealogical Society, Peonage Detective, New Orleans Public Schools, St. Raymond-St. Leo Parish, Algiers Charter Schools Association, OW Dillion Preservation Organization, and the Louisiana Recovery School District.

Leonard Smith III - storyteller
Leonard Smith III​

is a storytelling strategist and documentary filmmaker. He has been involved in every aspect of historical research from genealogy, photography, multimedia, archival storytelling, film-making, and music. Leonard’s company, LS3 Studios, has produced several award winning documentaries.

LS3 Studios was born from a burning passion that ignited within me while immersing myself in countless documentaries over the years. These films, while undoubtedly captivating, often left the untold tales of everyday heroes and heroines buried in the shadows. My journey began with a profound love for genealogy. As I ventured into conducting workshops and seminars, I uncovered a treasure trove of incredible stories hidden away like precious gems, their photographs tucked beneath the bed in dusty shoeboxes.

My mission became crystal clear: to unearth these hidden narratives, breathe life into them, and present them to the world. These are the stories of unsung heroes and heroines, their lives a testament to the indomitable human spirit. I sought to recount them and ignite a spark within others, to educate, entertain, and inspire individuals to embark on their own storytelling odysseys.

In the heart of LS3 Studios beats a relentless drive to illuminate the past, celebrate the present, and inspire a future where every story finds its voice, no matter how humble.

reflections by Leonard Smith III

LS3 Studios Services

Our Best Stories

A Place Called Desire

A Place Called Desire offers unforgettable history lessons applicable to American history, Louisiana history, African American history, urban history, racial history, studies of neighborhoods, studies of survival, and memorable stories of love and community. Somehow the filmmaker manages to share hard truths with a gentle touch.
~ Dr. Al Kennedy

Release Soon!

On God’s Great Gulf of Mexico: The Gulfside Assembly Story

Gulfside Assembly, founded by Bishop Robert E. Jones, is a testament to the enduring spirit of the African-American community. From its inception in the late 19th century to the challenges of the 21st century, Gulfside has been a beacon of hope, education, and unity. This narrative chronicles its journey, highlighting its pivotal role in the Civil Rights Movement, its resilience in natural disasters, and its unwavering commitment to serving the community.

In Production

The Power of One: 
The Musical Legacy of Yvonne Busch

Yvonne Busch was one of the most inspirational, respected, and impactful figures in New Orleans music education. Busch set aside her burgeoning music career to teaching others as a musical prodigy and an accomplished, sought-after orchestral jazz performer as a child and young teen in the 1940s. In doing so, she helped shape the lives and careers of thousands of New Orleans music students and profoundly influenced the course of New Orleans music.

In Pre-Production

Leading to Glory

Leading to Glory is the story of five Louisiana men who volunteered to fight for the freedom they sought and cherished. Their stories have often been forgotten, shared only by word of mouth or hidden deep within public and private archives, but the impact of their lives is still felt to this day. To see people of color in today’s United States military or to exercise one’s right to vote is a nod to the contributions and sacrifices of these men and others like them.

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