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Good storytelling techniques is the key is the best way to share your family history. As the family historian maybe your vision of your family history is to create a documentary feature film?  It may start with photographs organized, restored and ordered to keep on display; films restored, reorganized and transferred for easy viewing onto CD, computer or digital frames. We can bring those old mementos from a forgotten time out of the dark and incorporated with your photographic storybooks or displayed in some other fashion.

family historianEvery family has a compelling story in their tree but you just have to find it. Just because certain items do not seem to go together, does not mean that they shouldn’t. For example, a reinvented family history album can include both antique and new photographs of your present family. We can make new insights when viewing these pictures side by side. Who knew, for instance, that your daughter resembled great aunt Tessie to a tee? Or we can incorporate old film reels from the early part of the twentieth century into a present-day digital video of your family. Imagine the comparisons that can be made. What a rare and one-of-a-kind way to keep your family history on view for everyone. This can happen by telling stories about your family.

Using Proven Storytelling Techniques to Capture Your Audience to Tell Powerful Stories

Perhaps music was a part of your family’s history documentary. An entire video family biography or legacy video can be designed in a personalized way to reflect who your ancestors were: music, animation, unique titles, narration, new and old photographs, film, important papers can all be put together to create a specialized family biography. If you’ve ever viewed a biography on the cable channel, you’ll get what a family video biography can be like. Using proven storytelling techniques to capture your audience. As the narrator speaks, the viewer is looking at old film footage, static photos of days long gone by, some present-day interviews, perhaps newspaper headlines or brief articles are shown, and there is music weaving itself throughout the entire production. This is what your family history video can be like if it is produced by our studios.

How does LS3 Studios create a great, memorable and forever personal histories for their clients? The answer is good old-fashioned detective work to track down your historical past. We incorporate storytelling skills we have learned through the years. This a winning combination for a treasured life story.

black farmers and USDA

Creating a Documentary of People…

We use old fashion authentic storytelling. While creating documentaries about people from all walks of life, Leonard Smith III has discovered that each family has a unique story to tell, many are very emotional stories. When performing a video interview with a member of your family, the family member will be in a comfortable and familiar setting where he or she can relax and tell his or her story with no nervousness about being in front of a camera. When all the elements are put together to create a personal story for the family to own, it can sometimes be so close to the heart, they often bring tears to the surface. These can be tears of joy at seeing loved ones tell their stories or upon viewing those on film who have gone to the other side. Either way, it thrills each family who has a video biography put together by LS3 Studios skilled storytellers to have a piece of the past now with them.

The photographic storybooks, documentary biographies, family histories all have one thing in common: they weave together an entire kinship. Once weaved together, the end product is something that will give information, communicate memories of days gone by, and let your family put its own bookmark in the history book of life. This is the stuff that time has wrought and only by delving into the past can it once again come alive and hold hands with your entire family to view, to reminisce about and to learn from.