Storytelling Techniques In Film

storytelling techniques

Creative and unique storytelling techniques in film will keep your audience on the edge of their seats, waiting to see what happens next. Imagine your family history becoming an interactive story with scanned and organized photographs, restored and ordered to keep on display; films restored, reorganized and transferred for easy viewing on social media, computer or digital […]

How To Create A Documentary

Learning how to create a documentary from your family history is exciting and very rewarding. You have spent hours and hours designing a perfect family tree. Your board has photographs and notes pinned on it. You have files and folders on your computer comprising every information you could find on your family. When you have […]

LS3 Studios Wins Impact DOCS Awards Competition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Leonard Smith III LS3 Studios Wins Award in Impact DOCS Awards Competition (September 12, 2020) – Leonard Smith III, of LS3 Studios, LLC, has won a prestigious Award of Recognition from The Impact DOCS Awards Competition. The award was given for Leonard Smith III historical documentary, A Place Called Desire, […]

Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop

telling your family story

Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint from Leonard Smith III on Vimeo. Testimonies from attendees that participated in my Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop. “Leonard Smith‘s Genealogy Storytelling Blueprint Workshop at the New Orleans Public Library was such a huge success. Attendees enjoyed the workshop so much, that when it was over, people did not want to leave! The […]

Multimedia Presentation

A multimedia presentation literally conjures up various images for people, depending upon which raw tools are being worked with on the project. When we think of the term multimedia, we tend to think of information that has been put together using two or more different art forms, such as video, photographic images, text, music, audio […]